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Here’s your Next Workout ~

Alright – 15 minutes to warm up and get some cardio in – run around the block, do some jumping jacks, dance to your favorite songs – then meet me back here pronto!!!

Grab your Water, a Towel, and 3 to 5 Pound Weights, a Resistance Band and a Mat, and some Rockin’ Music!

Start Now!!!


Today it’s ALL ABOUT ABS!

Lay in a supine position (on your back) on your mat, knees bent, feet and knees together. Grab your heaviest weight by the heads (one hand on either side of the knob) and put it behind your head, about half way up your skull. Keep it there as you do 50 Crunches. If working out is new to you, start with AT LEAST 10 Crunches.

After your first set, AND NO REST IN BETWEEN, pick up your feet and touch your elbow to your opposite knee, kicking your foot out in between, till you’ve done 50 opposing Crunches. Again doing AT LEAST 10 if you are a beginner.


Set down the heavy weight and grab the lighter weight. SAME EXERCISE! 50 Crunches with the weight behind your head.

Go on to the next set of exercises of opposite elbows and knees.


Set down the weight and put your hands behind your head. SAME EXERCISE! 50 Crunches. Do NOT pull on your head, let it lay back in your hands (like laying on a pillow).

Go on to the next set of exercises of opposite elbows and knees.


NOW you can stretch out your arms and legs, pointing your hands and fingers over your head and lengthening your legs and pointing your toes.



Turn over onto your stomach (prone position), lay flat and pull your hands behind your back and grasp your hands together as you count slowly to 20. Release, go into Child’s Pose (sitting on your heels, arms stretched out in front, forehead to the mat).

Repeat this exercise for a total of 3 times!


Turn on your side. Hands behind your head, knees slightly bent. Lift your elbow toward your hip for a count of 25 THEN reach your hand to your ankle as you lift your ankle to your hand for another count of 25. Remember NOT to pull on your head!

Repeat this exercise on your other side.


Back onto your stomach. Stretch out flat again lift yourself with into a plank position, either on your hands and toes, hands and knees (butt DOWN), elbows and toes, or elbows and knees (butt DOWN). Hold for a slow count of 20, up to 60.

Again go into childs pose, sitting on your heels, arms stretched over your head, forehead to the floor.

Repeat this exercise for a total of 3 times.


And ONE MORE TIME on your back!


Knees bent, feet and knees close together, bring your knees up toward your chest as you rock your chest to your knees and knees to your chest for 50 crunches. I call this my dead bug crunch as it looks like a bug curling together to me when you touch them (for those of you that know what pill bugs do!).


Good job, good job, good job! Stretch it out, point those fingers and toes. Suck your abs in and up. Know roll your knees up to your chest, wrap your arms around them and rock side to side a few times. Stop in the center and pull both legs straight up, grab them with your hands and pull them to your face, stretching your back a little more.

Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, and drop your knees open in a butterfly groin stretch. You can flutter your knees if you’d like. Roll up and sit cross legged. Breathe in deep as you sweep your arms up and blow out as your sweep your arms down. Do this 2 more times as you suck your abs in and up.

Put your right palm on the floor and reach toward the ceiling with your left hand. Hold for a few seconds. Put your left palm on the floor and reach your right hand toward the ceiling and hold for a few seconds. Now reach around to the right, put your hands on your butt and look over your right shoulder. Hold for a few seconds. Switch to the left.

Return to center. Breathe in deep as you sweep your arms up and blow out as your sweep your arms down. Do this 2 more times as you suck your abs in and up. Do not turn your body but look over your right shoulder. Return to center. Look over your left shoulder. Return to center. Drop your right ear to your right shoulder and gently but optionally pull down on it with your right hand. Return to center and repeat on the left.

Deep breath in. Reach to the ceiling. Suck your abs in and up. Repeat 3 times and GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE!!! Great Job! Can’t wait till we do this again. How about you? Havin’ fun yet! 🙂