Halloween Benefit – Another Successful Year!

I want to thank everyone that participated and contributed to our benefit for Abandoned Pet Rescue at our Halloween Party – Frankie’s Lab Dance – last week! The ourpouring of checks, gift cards and supplies is always so humbling. You all are fabulous. Remember any time of year though, you can clip pet or supplies coupons or drop off blankets or other items you would might otherwise toss. Thank you!



Frankie’s Lab Dance Halloween Charity Benefit

It’s . . .  A L I V E

Frankie’s Lab Dance Halloween Charity Benefit

October 2012

PROCEEDS BENEFIT Abandoned Pet Rescue No-Kill Shelter

1137 N.E. 9th Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304



$ Please Make Out Check Donations to Abandoned Pet Rescue $

Supplies Requested:
Gift Cards: Pet Stores, Sam’s, Lowe’s, WalMart, Office Stores
* Canned Kitten & Cat Food * Gerber Baby Food (Meat or Squash)   * Canned Puppy & Dog Food * Kitten & Puppy Milk Replacer   * Cat Litter * Ear Cleanser (Cat & Dog) * Dog & Cat Collars   * Liquid Hand Soap * Garbage Bags * Bleach * Dish Soap   * Heartworm Preventative (Dog) * Advantage Flea Treatment (Cat & Dog)   * Dog & Cat Treats * Cat & Dog Toys (Kong toys – no beanie toys)   * Speed Read Thermometers * 3cc & 1cc Syringes * Latex Gloves   * Cotton Balls * Q-tips * Rubbing Alcohol * Paper Towels   * Hand Sanitizer * Window/Surface Cleaners   * Lint & Pet Hair Rollers (& Refills) * Batteries (9 volt, AA, AAA)   * Mailing Envelopes (all sizes) * Manila Envelopes * Postage Stamps   * White Copy Paper * Color Laser Paper * Poster Board (all colors)   * Sheet Protectors * Scotch & Double Sided Tape * Cork Boards   * Wet/Dry Erase Markers * Laminator &/or Laminating Sheets   * Duct Tape * Paint * Ladder

A Month of Birthdays

A Month of Birthdays

May is my Birthday month, and I’m in a birthday group on Facebook. I know, how many times am I’m going to tell you I’m in some fb group? Well it seems to be the social media of choice. I’m not a huge fan of Zuck and all the things he’s done to his baby, but I find it is the best place to keep in contact with your friends and business associates.


You may recall from a previous exchange post that I requested a donation be made in my name to a favorite animal charity. I just have way too much stuff. I imagine most of us do. It’s hard to not look at pretty things and want them, but I just don’t really need them.

Amanda contributed to my favorite charity – Abandoned Pet Rescue. They are a no-kill shelter here in Fort Lauderdale. Joe and I host an annual Halloween event with all donations given to them. This is their very welcoming entrance that was painted entirely by donation.


Yezenia donated to the ASPCA. This is the adorable internet card they sent me!


Amber made a donation to her favorite animal charity Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida. They provide care to injured or orphaned indigenous wildlife. Look at these cute little faces!

Ours is an international group and I’ve received some really nice nail polishes as well! And CANDY. Lots and lots of CHOCOLATE candy! Don’t worry, I’ll be celebrating all month with my wonderful group of friends. There will be more posts to come with some very cool pictures and maybe even a video or two!

So do you contribute time or money to charity? They always need help. My favorites are the animals, since they really have no way to take care of themselves without our help. What is your favorite charity?