NEW YOU CHALLENGE – Broward General Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Today was Day 2 of the New You Challenge at Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale. My team, The Lunch Club, meets twice weekly for 30 minutes of intense cardio and strength training with me at the Wellness Center Gym. We are one of 5 teams in the Challenge and I intend to win this competition!

My team is the largest with 2 girls and 3 guys. Robin is a a real competitor and puts her all into it. Mary Beth has determination and is working hard toward her goals. Don likes to slack if he can get away with it, but that ain’t happening here Buddy! Mike found out the first day of the challenge I’m not gonna let him slide on his strong legs. His upper body is gonna feel the burn! Jim is our ringleader! He’s at the gym in the morning to do cardio on his own and comes back to work with me. And his wife makes him walk with her. This guy is gonna have a healthy heart to go with the kind one he already has!

I really like my team and they all get along great with each other. That’s what’s gonna make them successful and win this competition. Good health is the fountain of youth. And keeping your body fit will allow you to do more things in your life. I’m a firm believer in making the fitness part of it fun so everybody will want to move and do something physical everyday. Whether it’s my classes or my clients, I want them to want to come back to me. Crazy is as crazy does! 🙂

Here’s my team! I love all of them! Robin, Jim, MaryBeth, Mike, Don. Go get ’em gang!

New You Challenge Team - The Lunch Club

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