New Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish with Swatches

ATTN: VERY Picture Heavy!


Friday while I was at Walgreen looking for the new WnW Saved by the Nail collection (which I didn’t find), I came across one I’ve been waiting several months to see – Revlon Moon Candy duos. I shop (stalk?) that store often for polish so the cosmetic mgr and I always compare manis and talk lacquer. She said they just put the display out the night before so I was able to raid it for one of each color. And I haven’t bought hardly any polish in months, so the eight $1 coupons she gave me was also a nice little bump to get me to buy the whole set! If you have OCD let me apologize now for the way I took them out of the rack – sorry! :{


Yeah I did a skittle mani last night with them. Some are AH-Mazing. Some are ok. The undies are funny ’cause some are 1 coaters, others 2. Same with the Flakies so I went ahead with 2 on each. Slow drying but some are oh so pretty! I also had to use a coat of Gelous over my usual TC. The Flakies weren’t overly rough but I wanted to smooth them out entirely. (Posche basecoat and SH Insta-Dry 110 Clear for topcoat.)

I wouldn’t go with some of the bases they did, but I’m showing them in their combinations. Also note that none of the bases have names! Some of these were easier to photograph than others, even after  up to and over 20 attempts each! Also note that some of the labels are peeling (makes for terrible pix IMO) because there are “directions” on the back that you pull the label off to read. I wanted to show you exactly what my bottles looked like while I was using them, but I will be putting a piece of tape over each one to keep them from fraying even worse!


Let’s start with Satellite. The base is a wine red in my opinion. This combination works pretty well together. In the store I was afraid the base was brown, and that’s not a color I wear, so I was pleasantly surprised on this one. The base on this was 2 coats.

This is the other pinky-peachy flakie in the set, Supernova. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but I don’t think it was this. Worn over Revlon’s choice of grey one-coat base, I think it really detracts from what this one could be. I’ll definitely being trying this one again over something else!

Cosmic reminds me of camoflouge. This dark olive green base was also a 2-coater. I like this one and they work well together too.

This is a gorgeous combination that I would wear again! Galactic is over a really deep navy blue base and the flakies come out teal colored on the nail. One coat of underwear was all this one took.

 Moondust really fooled me! It’s gorgeous blue flakies on the nail. It’s over a one-coat black base. I want to try this one over other colors!

Milky Way was my disappointment. Look at how awesome it is in the bottle. It just didn’t transcend that way on the nail. It may have been because Revlon chose to go with a deep grey for underwear, and it just sits there. I’m pretty sure this one would pop with the right base color. Just one coat for the base on this one, too.

Being that I’m a purple girl, I thought Orbit was going to be THE one for me. It is beautiful, but I really had to work at it to get the flakies out of the bottle. This one was the reason I decided to use two applications of flakies on each nail. I had to shake it well and stir the brush around inside of it to pick up the particles. It is pretty on though, over one coat of purple base.

Universe also had me fooled from the start. Again in the store the base looked brown. But I would call it a deep brick red and it’s really pretty. The flakies on this one work great. The base was one coat.

And last night I was posting these to my facebook page so you could get a quick sampling of them. So here they are in case you’re not following my page – but you should be! The link is up there ^^. 🙂


I think these were pretty expensive and I wouldn’t have bought them all if it wasn’t for the discounts I got at the store because I actually did only pick up half of them till I was told I could use the coupons at the counter for each one. I wish CVS had a cosmetic counter since the stores don’t carry all the same brands (we don’t have Rite-Aid) in South Florida.

So – do you want to run right out and buy them all? Or are there only certain ones you’re interested in? The bottle total weight is .26Fl Oz/7.68ml. How does that compare to the price of indies in your opinion?

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18 Responses to New Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish with Swatches

  1. Candice B says:

    If they weren’t so spendy I’d so want several of them but goodness the price for what you get puts a damper on it. The being said Cosmic, Galactic, Satellite and Universe are totally my favorites! Thanks for swatching them out – I’ve been curious about what they’d look like.

    • Jody says:

      I’m glad I could help you out. Yep, I totally agree that Revlon really went crazy with the small size and the high price tag! :/

  2. Pamela H says:

    These would be great for people who do not own any flakies!. I think I have every color of polish & flakies shown, so me personally I’ll pass on them. Then again, if I’m at one of the stores & I see them I’d probably pick up a couple…LOL. It’s kind of like navy blues, I keep buying them looking for the perfect one & I haven’t found it yet.

    • Jody says:

      I’m like that with purple. I have so many but I am partial to Rimmel Violet Metal since it’s the same color I painted my Harley! LOL

      But I think we all just get suckered in with these when we see the displays. I’m sure glad I got coupons to help out on the price!

  3. Diana says:

    Ugh… I was really hoping the flakes would all look the same so I wouldn’t feel the urge to buy them all.

    Since I’m a bit of a flakie fiend, I’ll probably get most. From looking close up at your pictures, I think I’ll get Galactic, Moondust, Milky Way, and maybe Orbit. The others I may pass on.

    These are super expensive though, considering what you’re getting (since I could not care less about the polish side). Oh well 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    Thanks for posting these swatches so quickly. I really can’t decide if I want them or not, but I know this is the week to buy them. Coupons plus bogo50% off.

    I really hate how the drugstore polishes are coming out with all these limited editions in smaller bottle and charging more. I love flakies though! So torn!

    Thanks again. 🙂

    • Jody says:

      Melissa I’m a flakie fanatic, too. Luckily I got the good buy on these or I know I wouldn’t have bought all of them. I had all 8, then put back 4 when the beauty manager came to me and said she had coupons! LOL

  5. Lily says:

    Thank you so much for doing these great swatches and writing such an informative review! The polish duos Revlon has been putting out are so expensive, especially considering the amount of polish. I skipped the crackle duos (I was totally crackled-out by the time they came out, lol). I also skipped the neon ones as none of the shades looked unique to me (and because each shade came with just a plain white cream on the other side). I caved and bought one of the French Mix duos in Moonstruck. The polishes were pretty though the formula wasn’t that great and there was no way I could possibly create a french manicure with those polishes. I did an accent nail mani instead which came out really nice. As for the Moon Candy duos…I know I am going to cave and get a couple. The base colors seem to have great formulas and the flakes are really pretty on some of them. I’m hoping so much to get them on sale with coupons though! Thanks again for the awesome swatches and review! 😀

    • Jody says:

      Lily, thank you, glad you liked the review. I have seen others say their colors were off a little, and after going to other Walgreens, I agree that not all the flakies seem to be identical. I haven’t bought the other Revlon combos, they are just too expensive for such a small amount and I’m not extremely crazy about those double-ended bottles! LOL

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  7. michelle says:

    i bought the galactic one. my problem is i can’t get the label to open so i can read the directions. i have tried painting my nails twice, but it keeps coming out looking like trash. your nails look great, so there must be a trick to it. thanks for the help!

    • Jody says:

      Oh my. No there’s nothing to it. I just used the base color. Dried. And put on a coat of the Flakie. Is the Flakie side liquid enough or does it seem dried? I hope you can get them to work. They are beautiful. And thank you for the compliment. 🙂

  8. Dawn says:

    Looking to see swatches and just thought I’d leave a comment letting you know there are two new ones with a silver plastic middle piece instead of black one is a fushia color and the other is a less olive green.

  9. Bee says:

    Just picked up some of these for $3.78 at Target today! Here in SoFla! Thanks for the pics I really appreciate it.

  10. roger m says:

    you ladies should quit yelling about the cost of this stuff, your just painting nails. i am painting fishing lures and the ceo’s at revlon have to pay for gas for their yachts just like everyone least they are keeping it under a 100$

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