My Secret Bunny Loves Me!

I am in a Facebook group that did a Secret Bunny swap (like Secret Santa). I already have so many polishes that I couldn’t think of a whole lot that I needed. I really got into the swap so I could gift some things and fill some lemmings that another might have. But as fate would have it, the wonderful gal that got me knows how much of an animal lover I am, and is one herself. We both have cats and we’ve talked to each other about how much joy they bring to our lives and what excellent companions they are.

One of our cats, Sgt Joe Friday

The organizer of the swap got us all to join It’s a pretty cool site that you can input things you want for gifts and your family and friends can look at it and get you stuff you actually want on your birthday and holidays! LOL I entered that I didn’t need anything, and to please make a donation in my name to your favorite pet charity.

What's in the bag? There's some bubblewrap!


There's some bubblewrap!

When I got my swap package it is was nice and compact. So I was thinking to myself, Yes, she didn’t get me a bunch of stuff. When I opened it there was one of my favorite things ` CHOCOLATE! Haha, I think that she had asked me a question about my snacking and I said I love chocolate, actually milk chocolate. She did a fine job of filling up the bag with some real winners including Lindt and M&Ms. Yummmm But there was even more goodness in that swap bag! Some very nice Milani polishes that I didn’t have, and Sinful Colors Green Ocean, which I’ve been lusting after for over two years! Why has it never made it to Fort Lauderdale? I guess I lamented about it enough because she knew I wanted it and sure enough, I now own my very own bottle!

Oooooo pretty polishes!!

So yes I did very well from my Secret Bunny. But there was one more thing I was to find. When I opened the adorable card, there inside was a note thanking her for the donation to Cat’s Cradle pet rescue. I was bawling by the time I got done reading the note! She touched my heart and made me so happy for doing that. Our four cats are all rescues, so I know how much the shelters need revenue. They certainly need it more than I need a dozen new polishes! I want to thank my friend and Secret Bunny Michele for being such a sweet soul and giving, what I expect knowing her, was a very generous donation to them. And also to let you know that yes, I’ve eaten most of the chocolate WITHOUT sharing it! hahaha And I’m going to be wearing one of my new polishes this week for Easter! YAY

So what do you think about how very special my Secret Bunny swap haul was?


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8 Responses to My Secret Bunny Loves Me!

  1. Jin says:

    I think that if I was a cartoon, I’d have little hearts glitter in my eyes…
    This was such a sweet thing! Both of your secret bunny and of yourself.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. very adorable kitty! mine is my best friend, so i totally understand what you mean

  3. Jennifer Barela says:

    How sweet of her to make a donation and your swap package was absolutely fab!!!

  4. Fairykeiley says:

    That was very sweet!! I’m a dog person, but love cats too. However my dog does not love cats! LOL! Your Secret Bunny is very special remembering some of the things you are lemming and how much you care about animals. It was so nice of your Secret Bunny to send you things you really love and to make such an awesome donation. She is the perfect Secret Bunny!! : )

    • Jody says:

      Yes she is so caring. And we are dog ppl too. My mom who is 88 and has dementia lives with us. And so does her dog! 🙂

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