LMAO My First Water Marble!

OMG! I’m in a group on Facebook that wanted to have a Water Marble Monday blog today, so of course I thought, why not? I’ve always wanted to try it. Well, Idk if I’ll be trying it again. What a funny and fun time I had, tho. I first tried using polishes that were too shimmery and glittery. Altho they looked great in the water dispersing like they do, they don’t make for a good water marble. At least not till I’m better at it and know what I’m doing. I read a lot of blogs and watched a lot of vids trying to figure out my best plan of attack. I saw China Glaze, Zoya, and Sally Hansen among others mentioned as being good choices. Since I figured I’d be making a mess (and I did), I went with my cheapest option – Sally Hansen. Below are my photos. Please feel free to join me in LMAO!!

I started off here with Shirley Temple from my new Happy Hour Collection.


Then that beautiful little girl met the Monster! hahaha

One suggestion I liked and did was to put cuticle oil on my finger up to my first knuckle and under my nail. It was a quick swipe so it used very little product. I also had a small alcohol wipe I used to wipe each nail just before I took the plunge. The cuticle oil works great! I was able to wipe the polish off with a cotton pad quite easily. The fingers that still have polish on them are ones I didn’t get to fast enough, but the polish came off really quickly with my fave Zoya Remove+. Another tip I learned after I did it is to also put a dab of oil on the stir stick (I used a toothpick). That would probably help IMO!


And the final picture is my Helmer drawer full of Sally Hansen’s I have to chose from!

OK so now that you’ve seen that I can do it, I did get better by the end with my thumb, what do ya think? Would you try it? You know you want to! DO IT!! Smile And here are the group’s Water Marbles!

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6 Responses to LMAO My First Water Marble!

  1. Haha you should have seen my first ever attempt, it was a disaster! I find that China Glaze works the best for me!

    • Jody says:

      Thanks Carly. I’m def going to try it again. I’ll experiment. Thanks for your vote on China Glaze. Which finishes would you suggest?

  2. Aww you’ve got to try it again! You did great for your first time! My first marble attempt was horrendous. I had blobs of polish all over. I really like the colors you chose too!

    • Jody says:

      I’m certainly not on the level with the other girls but I tried! And I showed everybody. HAHAHA Thank you for the compliment on the colors. That was another hard part – which ones would go good together! 🙂

  3. victoria says:

    Love these! I have yet to try it…scared :/

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