Life’s A Beach Nail Polish Collection

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Everybody loves the beach, spending the day jumping waves, building sand castles, or catching a few rays. “Life’s A Beach” collection will take you to your favorite beach every time you look at your nails with these fabulous and fun colors and finishes!

Start your morning with a walk on the beach and enjoy the “Summer Breeze“. Our color changing polish is light and airy with hints of purple, pink, blue and green. Opaque enough to wear on it’s own. Transparent enough to wear as a topcoat. Put this one over black and you’ll be blown away at it’s transformation!


SUMMER BREEZE .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW


The sand might be fun to walk in, but it’s more fun to wear it on your fingers instead of “Sandy Shoes“! Ooooo we’ve captured that look of Florida’s golden sands, shifting with Hawaii’s famous black  sand underneath, and sparkling like Coronado’s mica sand beaches.


SANDY SHOES .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW


During the day the heat erupts on the beach to the point where you can see the heat rising. Check out our smoldering glass flecked “The Heat is On” and discover your own smoking look! Then try it over black to see a rich new side of it.


THE HEAT IS ON .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW


Every famous beach has its own share of “Freaky & Fabulous“. Wear ours alone or over another color to take it to your personal best with this gorgeous gold and holo glitter mix.



FREAKY & FABULOUS .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW


After a long day at the beach, the best place to view it all is at the “Sunset Grille“. Glittering orange sunsets herald a last look of the golden orb slipping into the sea.


SUNSET GRILLE .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW


And now the nightlife begins. Take it out on the town with “Girls Night Glitter“, a true blue polish with dazzling bursts of pink, blue, and black glitter.


GIRLS NIGHT GLITTER .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW


Every beach has one place that’s “Open All Night“. This iridescent green with golden glass flecks will help you find your way with it’s secret Glow in the Dark surprise! It may take a few coats for complete opacity, but WOW, check it out with one coat over black! You may never take it off!


OPEN ALL NIGHT .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW


As the inkiness of the night surrounds you, enjoy the “Moonlight Bay” with it’s jet black matte finish and twinkling white shimmers imbedded within it’s depths. (The second swatch is topcoated.)


MOONLIGHT BAY .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW

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All SoFlaJo polishes are made from natural pigments and glitters with bases free of the chemicals Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Dibutyl Phthalate and Formaldehyde. All SoFlaJo polishes contain stainless steel mixing balls (and always have).

Each bottle comes attractively packaged and protectively bubble wrapped

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