Get Your Butt Up Off That Couch!!!


Alright – 15 minutes to warm up and get some cardio in – run around the block, do some jumping jacks, dance to your favorite songs – then meet me back here pronto!!!

Grab your Water, a Towel, and 3 to 5 Pound Weights, a Resistance Band and a Mat, and some Rockin’ Music.

Start Now!!!

50 reps of Dumbell Curls
30 Underarm Rows (arms down by your side, palms face in, bring your weights up under your arms)
30 Triceps Extensions over your head
30 Plie Squats holding your weights on your legs
30 Deadlifts
20 Reverse Flyes

Get a drink, repeat your workout.
Do this THREE times!

10 Floor pushups (or 20 Wall pushups)
Do this THREE Times!

Need a drink yet?

Grab your Resistance Band, put it Under your Left Foot, Grab the Handle with Both Hands, Bend down then bring it Across your body and over your right shoulder in a Reverse Wood Chop. Repeat with the band under your right foot going toward the left side of your body.
Do this THREE Times on EACH Side!

Drink some water then hit the floor on your Mat (put your towel on your mat).

50 Crunches
Turn on your stomach for 20 Planks
Turn on your side for 25 Hand to Ankle Crunches
Turn Over on your other side for 25 Hand to Ankle Crunches

Stretch it out, make sure you Drink Plenty of Water, and get some Protein in you to repair those muscles!

DAMN FINE WORKOUT TODAY! Y’all should be really proud of yourselves! We’re gonna have more fun again tomorrow!! XO

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