Thankfully, Everybody LOVES Nail Polish!


If you’ve been following my blog you know that my mom used to live with us. We did a lot of things together and we had a lot of fun. Last April she had a stroke, and although it didn’t end her ability to speak, it seriously hampered her ability to care for herself. After her stint in rehab was over, and because of her advanced age, we thought it was better for her to stay at the rehab and nursing home. They do an awesome job and I’m sure  you’ve seen my pix and videos of her on the SoFlaJo facebook page. She is in better care than I could give her at home, and she is able to socialize in a better setting as well.


So on to the reason for this post! Tuesdays at the nursing home are manicure days! A gal who has come to be a dear friend, and who LOVES her own nails looking blingy, is the one that does the manicures. There is no extra charge for it, it is one of the social events on their very booked social calendar for the residents! The residents gather in one of the designated rooms and it’s like a coffee clache with all of them there! I have had so much fun when I’ve been able to attend. Elainey also will go around to the individual resident’s rooms if they are not capable of coming to the mani gathering.

I asked the Activities Director, Nicole, if I could donate some polishes and maybe makeup. She said “Oh Yes, but the makeup has to be new, not so with the polish.” Aha – did I find a great way to get rid of polishes I either don’t like or didn’t want anymore and didn’t think they were ones anyone would want to swap. BUT, I also gathered together some of my unused makeup and hair supplies because Nicole makes “goodie bags” for the residents for special occasions like birthdays and holidays since many of them don’t have any visitors. And that really makes me sad. I’ve done my best to learn the names of many of the residents, at least the ones who are out socializing. And I can confirm that I don’t see some of them ever have a visitor.

A Nail Polish & Goodie Bag donation I made to the nursing home.

So, during this month of November when we should all be thankful for something, I’m thankful that Mom is still with us and that she is receiving such good care. Maybe you would like to take some time out of your schedule and pop in on a local nursing home with a bag of nail polish and makeup (and I’m sure you’re gonna tell me you’re very busy), but think what it would be like to be all alone with no visitors that come to see you. And not all of the residents are elderly. Many have had accidents or illnesses that have placed them in continued care.

If you are interested in just sending off a care package to my mom’s facility, please feel free to send it to:

Broward Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Attn: Nicole, 1330 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Remember to be Thankful this month. And Happy Thanksgiving!



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8 Responses to Thankfully, Everybody LOVES Nail Polish!

  1. My mom was in and out of a nursing home this summer. They have a manicurist but she charges. I was just happy that my mom had the opportunity to get her hair and nails done when she was there since she always cheered up on those days.
    Where your mother is sounds wonderful. I wish all places had someone as kind as Nicole and Elainey to bring a little sunshine into the residents lives.

    • SoFlaJo says:

      Marcia I’m glad you’re mom had the opp to have a little salon time at her nursing home. They charge to do hair, but I love that Nicole offers so many activities for everyone to participate in. And yes, Nicole and Elainey and the whole staff are loved by all!

  2. tami says:

    I love this story. My mom is just 68 and I dread the day she goes to a nursing home because I am in Alaska and I am the only one in the family that would stay on top of things and keep an eagle eye on the facility. But yet my family there would have a cow if I wanted to bring her out here to live. So you are also very fortunate just to have your mother near you.
    Happy Thanksgiving Jody, I think I will call my local senior center and ask if anyone needs their nail painted <3

  3. Sandy says:

    How generous of you to donate all those items—I’m sure all the ladies were excited to be treated to such a wonderful gift. Their spirits were surely lifted.

    Your mom is a beautiful lady and I am glad to hear she is in good hands. I’m sure you sleep well at night knowing this.

    Bless both you!


    • Jody says:

      Thank you Sandy. Yes I am confident she is in good hands there. Today the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Choir came in and sang us Christmas songs. It was really nice! 🙂

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