Valentine’s Day – Better Late than ….

I’ve got a few pictures in this one, so sit back and enjoy!

OK so I know. Valentine’s Day was YESTERDAY! But I figured I could post this the day after to make it last as long as possible since, hey, we started celebrating LAST Saturday night anyway! Here’s some pix of our very fun night downtown on Las Olas Blvd. We took Mom with us to dinner and met some good friends of ours from Pennsylvania that live down here in the winter months. Here’s a few pix of all of us and our yummy food! We ate dinner at the Riverside Hotel on the patio. Yes! February 11th and we were sitting outside on the patio well into the night enjoying dinner and entertainment!

joe jody vday     mom vday     jane denny vday

Yeah, these are the staged photos. They’d prolly clobber me if I showed the ones of us laughing and … eating! Dontcha just love it when you’ve got a mouthful of food or stupid look on your face and THAT’S the photo your friends tag?!?!


Well as I said, there was entertainment as well. I don’t know his name, but we had a marvelous time listening to his singing and horn playing, and watching his dance moves. From James Brown to BB King, this guy was amazing! We were all dancing in our seats, and a few people were dancing in the entranceway. People walking down the street were even bopping to his music!



From these pictures you can see he really had the moves! 🙂

That’s my first Valentine’s Day Post this year. I’ve got a couple more to goooooo………

February Julep and Oscar Love!

Today was a good nail mail day. Received my Julep box for February. It’s the only other one I receive from the all the beauty boxes and subscriptions. I am an American Beauty and got a couple of lovely polishes, as well as the cuticle oil I’ve heard others rave about and of course, a Chocolate Oscar!

Now for those that know me, let’s just start out with Chocolate Oscar. I know he’s a phallic symbol, but whoa, I wasn’t expecting this! As a confirmed chocoholic I can’t wait to bite his head off!!! wink, wink

OK being serious, I ripped that cuticle oil box open so fast. And wow, what did I find? A roller ball. I guess I either missed that in other posts or no one mentioned it. I gave it a quick rub over each finger and dropped it promptly in my bag. How awesome is this to have with you whenever your cutes need some help? I’m not dragging a bottle with a brush around with me anytime soon!

The beautiful red polish is Glenn. It is red. What can I say? I love red. The ribbon is red. The filling paper is red. And it’s all tucked inside a beautiful black box. And then there’s Oscar himself. A glittery gold polish that just glistens in this sea of red and black. I haven’t tried either of the polishes yet because they just showed up in my mailbox today. But I can tell you I currently do have Julep Trina on my fingers and toes, topped with my own line of Dragon topcoats – silvery Call Forth Dragons for my mani, and coppery 3 of Pentacles for my pedi. The formulas for Julep are a little thick but hey, I just figure I can make them last longer by dropping in a little thinner when I need to. Other then that, they don’t give me any problems and my current mani is already 3 days old with no chips and a minor tip wearage on one or two heavily used fingers.


Some of you know that my mom lives with us and she loves polish. You have gifted her with several when I’ve done swaps or for Secret Santa or when I’ve bought a polish or two off you. So I bought her a subscription to Julep as well. She is a Classic with a Twist.

Her two polishes included glittery gold Oscar as well (and btw she LOVES chocolate, too), and the greyish Meryl. I personally was disappointed that it wasn’t more silvery as that is what she likes best and I thought this was going to be one she would swoon over. No problem though. I plan on doing a little tampering with it to give it a silver sheen for her. It’s a good base to work with!

She also got the Topcoat for Hair which I think she’s going to like as she’s a hairspray kind of gal! It’s fun to get her stuff like this since she’s 88 years old and still likes to jazz up her looks! I hope I’m still like that when I get to be her age!

We just became Julep Mavens during the December penny promo, and so far they’ve taken very good care of us. I’ve known of them since they started their program and I’ve read a lot of horror stories about them. Here’s hoping they’ve turned over a new leaf in 2012!

Just a quick update to this post. Another Mystery Box from Julep. This one is for Valentine’s Day.

Cult Nails $5 Polishes @ 5k Likes

Well let’s all get our butts over to Cult Nail Polish Facebook Page and like their page and tell all your friends to, too! When they reach 5,000 likes they will sell all their polishes for $5 each for one day! Get over there now! Repost this so they get there sooner!

Cult Nails
We’ve got about 4 hours left. Trying to reach 4,000 facebook likes by midnight EST! Remember @ 5,000 we sell all polishes for $5 for one day!!

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The Year of the Dragon

I’m excited to be celebrating the Chinese New Year honoring The Dragon. I wasn’t born in a year of The Dragon but I believe it is my totem animal. From my dragon tattoo to jewelry, clothing, books, and art pieces, even my Harley is painted with dragons (see my banner above), I see dragons as inspiration and companions protecting me on my life’s journey.

During the 1980s & 90s I owned an herb business in Michigan that I closed to move to South Florida to live on a sailboat I bought. I’m delighted to once again offer my original creations as SoFlaJo, the nickname I have come to be known by since I moved here.  Die-hard customers and friends have continued to request my handcrafted originals for bod and abode. In the upcoming months I will once again be offering my popular soaps, incense, and other highly acclaimed originals.

It is with great pride that I announce the release of my first collection of original nail polishes, an 8-piece collection of sparkling color-changing topcoats fittingly called – The Year of the Dragon. Made from natural pigments and glitters, and bases free of the chemicals Toluene, Formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate.

These topcoats work best over dark colors. Topcoats are shown over black, purple, blue, and green basecoats. The black is the most dynamic. Remember that these will flash to purple, blue and green, therefore they will not be as noticeable but will make these base color more intense!

All pictures shown have No Topcoat applied!

Glitters are softer to the touch as well.


The Conjuror with Purple glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from silver/green to silver/red to green/gold

Guardian of the Lake with Blue glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from turquoise to blue to violet

Call Forth Dragons with Silver glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from light purple to silver to blue/green

3 of Pentacles with Copper glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from lilac to red to silver to green/blue

Conjuror, Guardian, Call Forth, 3 of Pentacles over Black

 Enchantment with Aqua glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from gold/green to silver/green to blue

Druid Circle with Green glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from light green to rose

Dragon Heart with Red glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from red to copper to gold

Pendragon with Gold glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from red/gold to bronze

Enchantment, Druid, Dragon Heart, Pendragon over Black

Each 5ml bottle comes attractively packaged and protectively bubble wrapped.

$5.00 per bottle


U.S. $2.00 per bottle, 50c each additional bottle

Int’l $3.00 per bottle, 75c each additional bottle

Please Gift Paypal me at Jody @, include the Names of the Polishes you are ordering as well as your complete Name and Shipping Address. Thank You!

Orders can also be placed from the Shop tab