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OMG, have you ever smelled a dog or cat’s bad breath? It’s enough to make you want to gag. So how do you think your poor fur babies feel? All the tartar build-up in their mouths leads to bad breath and tooth decay and that can lead to far worse health problems.

I feel lucky to have been chosen by the BzzCampaign to spread the word about Eukanuba pet foods, which are recommended by vets. This particular Bzz is really exciting because I can introduce you to 3D DentaDefense. According to their testing, 3D DetaDefense, which is in all their adult dry dog foods, reduces tartar build-up an average of 47% but up to a whopping 80% in 28 days, reduces plaque, and maintains healthy teeth.

Eukanuba has been in the forefront of canine nutrition for over 40 years. They’ve accomplished some pretty impressive statistics along the way. Their food contains 0% fillers and is based on high quality animal-based proteins. It contains antioxidants to help strengthen your dog’s immune system. Dog experts and vets recommend them and they have a 110% money-back satisfaction guarantee by contacting them direct.

The kit I got included some very generous coupons which I shared with my favorite charity that you know I work with and mention often, Abandoned Pet Rescue. They also sent along a dog chew ball and tether. What dog doesn’t like that? But what I also got was a very interesting flashlight and instruction card. Not your ordinary flashlight, this one has uv bulbs, and the card shows you what to look for regarding the difference of natural lighting and the ultraviolet light so you will be able to spot the tartar build-up. Can I just say that when I got my fur baby’s (ALL OF THEM) mouths open (one at a time) and shined in that light on their teeth – YUCK!!! The tartar on at least two of them was pretty bad. I wasn’t able to take pictures of them because they weren’t too cooperative. But maybe you don’t really want to see what it looked like anyway! So I’m looking forward to seeing rewarding results with the brand!


To learn more about Eukanuba’s brands and where to shop for them, check out their website.

The items were sent to me for review by BzzAgent. They in no way influenced my review.

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